Top 6 Gadgets to Keep You Healthy & Fit

Let’s face it, we all want to achieve the perfect figure by all means which includes going to expensive gyms, joining fitness groups, getting sports gears and gadgets that give information about your health. Though the fitness revolution began with eating greens, the obsession grew with every morsel we had.

Today, many people suffer from heart disease and diabetes due to wrong eating habits, stressful life and lack of activity. You can find many people using heart rate monitor without chest strap to give them details about the heart activity. This gadget not only works as a protection but also helps you remain fit and healthy.

The market is flooded with fitness gadgets compatible with smartphones to help you achieve the health goals. These wireless devices assist by providing all the data and feedback related to your health, performance and deliver enough motivation to push you forward. We have listed top six fitness gadgets to track down your activities to the next level.

Fitbit Flex

This brand has made quite a name in the world today with the fitness accessories that everyone is obsessed. The latest device, Fitbit Flex is a popular fitness tracking wristband to track your daily steps taken, how much you have traveled and calories you have burned. The best thing about the Fitbit Flex is the tracking your sleep quality and wake you up with a light vibration at the time set by you.


This fitness band is water resistant and can work almost in every condition. With the minimalist design, it’s a hit among men and women of every age group. Being made to adopt for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, you get all the stats by connecting it with your phone. There is also an option to sync your data with a third party app like Runtastic. There is no display in Fitbit Flex but if you want, opt for the Fitbit One which comes with similar features and little screen.

Withings Smart Body Analyser

The Withings Smart Body Analyser might look similar to weighing scale but works much more than that. When you step on this device, it gives you the precise measurements of your weight but also a detail on body fat, heart rate and quality of the air you are breathing. With all the information about surroundings and body will guide you in managing your fitness program in a much better way.


For easy access download the Withings Health Mate app for Android and iOS smartphone to upload the data, set your weight goals and achieve the target by breaking them into pieces smartly. There is also the Withings Smart Blood Pressure Monitor which sends all your data to your smartphone with one cable. Withings Smart Body Analyser and the app made with smart features, so you never mix up with the data and get all the necessary information in one small click.

Finis Neptune

Music is the best booster you can have for motivation to run faster, workout harder but not in swimming until now. The finis Neptune is a specially designed eyewear similar to swimming goggles. This device has a bone conduction audio that plays music louder and clearer even when you submerged in water. Comes with built-in 4 GB storage space, rechargeable battery that lasts up to 8 hours, smooth music controls and OLED screen.


Misfit Shine

A gadget specially designed for women who wants to carry their fitness gadgets in a stylish way. Misfit Shine can be worn as the bracelet, a pendant or just keep it in your pocket to track your daily activities. You can get all the data digitally transferred in your iOS device. The best part about the flexibility to use this device even in water as its waterproof. Tap the LED-lit face to see your progress without a worry for the battery which lasts a month with one charging.



Designed for people who loves cycling, Sportiiis is a fitness eyewear that tracks your heart rate with accuracy. The Head-Up Display (HUD) comes with 6 LED that tracks your speed, heart rate, and calorie burn. The company also sells many other fitness products that are also compatible with other products.


While out life is depending on your smartphone and latest tech gadgets, these fitness accessories will motivate you to do workout and keep track of your fitness. So, next time, when you are on run, cycling or swimming, track the calories you burn with one of these cool gadgets to stay fit.

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