Top Travel Fashion Bloggers in India

It takes quite a bit of panache to mix travel and fashion and do it right. But there is the creme in the business who are Oh-so-instagrammable that you will want to look like that when you travel. Here are our picks of top travel fashion bloggers from India you can follow not only for their exotic pursuits but their fashion sense too.



Meet Shree who mergers yoga, travel, photography and fashion into a visually stunning experience on her blog. She has added a “Look Book” on her website as she believes that we owe ourselves to be presentable to the place we are visiting. Yes to that!

Here are some tips from Shree

  • First of all, I research about the place that we are visiting and choose my dress accordingly (e.g. if I am going to a tropical location like Lakshadweep than I would carry bright and light clothes that compliment the backdrop)
  • Since traveling most of the time takes us near to nature, I choose color of dress in such a way that it either matches the background or sometimes contrasting shades
  • Footwear also needs to be light and comfortable as sometimes it may include long walks, hoping, trekking. Also, it should match your dress.
  • I also carry multiple options for the shoot and post the best out of the lot on my blog
  • For travel fashion, I carry very minimal accessories as my focus is to match the beauty of the place
  • I mix and match clothes during traveling to create multiple shoots which also helps in packing light


Read more about her escapades here

FauxPas – Rati

Makeup and beauty started as a blog for just that. Combine that with travel and you have a Look Book that’s simply amazing. Whether it’s the orange James Ferreira number worn in Seychells or the Gauri & Nainika dress, Rati carries it off with elan. The exotic locations become just that much more attractive when you have such a great subject in the photo

What Rati says?

Don’t be bothered about visiting at every hot point in the city and just taking each day as it comes

Don’t care about being stared at. Some will give weird looks. Others will give warm smiles. But if you have an outfit that stands out, don’t be afraid to wear it

Rati - Fashionmakeupbeauty

Read more here

Ankita Sinha

Ankita’s blog – Anki on the move – is one of the most stylish adventure blogs out there. She has traveled over 18 countries and has over 350 travel stories. Want to know how Travel meets Style – head right there!

Her vLog is a great place to check out if you are planning to visit any of the places she has. From the mustard fields of DDLJ to the amazing shots of Jerusalem, she is a cool one to follow.


Sid the Wanderer

And we have the first male entry on the list. Why should girls have all the fun, eh? Sid’s blog is an interesting mix of his travel stories and reviews. Though there aren’t many photos of him, we would love to see more. His style clearly stands out. While we would love to see more of the general travel pics, his pics will be welcome too.

sid the wanderer

Stylish by nature

Shalini is the beauty blogger who also, well, travels on the side. While this isn’t an exclusive travel fashion blog, we still love to dig the looks that she wears during her travel. We especially love some of her airport style pics.

What we like about this blog is how we can veer into a different genre in fashion on her blog. From food to events to lifestyle to tech you’ll find one read after another to keep you interested. You can also shop from her closet if you like her style.

shalini - taiwan

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